Big Bang Boom Enterprise Workshops

  • Make it Big

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  • Team building tasks start the day off, then students are given an overview of the music industry, including key aspects of the business. Their knowledge of the music industry is tested in a fun quiz and they then go on to form their management companies.

    Meet the band - they are then introduced on video to the real life working band they will be managing

  • Mission 1: It’s all about image

    Students are set a challenge to come up with a new image for the band including their logo and stage outfits.

  • Mission 2: Design the tour

    We show the students a case study on how a well known band got started then we set a task:

    Design promotional material for the band’s first tour.

  • Mission 3: Create the music video

    We explain what it takes to produce a great music video. Then the task is to devise the band’s first video and storyboard it.

  • Getting signed

    What does it take to get a deal? How do you sell your band to top record company? The management teams have 2½ minutes in front of a major label - how are they going to persuade them to sign the act?

  • The Big Pitch

    The teams will get a crash course in pitching

    ...and then their chance in the spotlight

    The management team who make the best pitch will get a contract for the band. The judges decide on the most professional management team behind the act and they will win a ÂŁ1million record deal.

    There will be prizes for the best team and the most impressive team member.