Big Bang Boom Enterprise Workshops

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    After a brief introduction the day starts with a five minute scene setting video and then the concept of ‘branding’ is introduced. The students are then asked to elect a group chairperson and then move on to a short quiz on branding where they work as teams to come up with 10 multiple choice answers.

    ‘Know yourself’ brand audit

    Next we ask the students to find out what sort of brand they are but carrying out a ‘brand audit’ on themselves. This takes the form of a magazine style individual questionnaire, where students are asked which attributes are most like them and then the presenters reveal the answers.

    What do employers want?

    The presenters then discuss the skills that are needed in the workplace and students are asked to guess what the top skills are.

    Group tasks

    The students will then be given 3 tasks; each practicing a skill demanded by employers - each will be preceded by a short introduction from the presenters.

    Communication: The students will play a game in their group ‘Two truths and a lie’.

    Problem Solving: The students will play the game ‘Human Knot’

    Team work: The students will carry out the task ‘Helium Stick’

    Create your own brand

    Presenters will discuss 3 features of a personal brand: Values, Strengths, Image.

    The students will be given individual worksheets and asked to complete these.

    ‘It’s about you’ statement

    Based on their brand worksheet students will then prepare and rehearse an ‘About you’ statement, a short, concise biography highlighting their strengths and skills.

    Students will be asked to rehearse their statements in the form of a presentation.

    Table competition

    Everyone in the team then has to present their statement to the rest of the group and the team vote on which is best – this person become their ‘team champion’ to go to the ‘Big Interview’.

    Team quiz

    Next, there is another short quiz to check learning with the top scoring teams sending their team champion to ‘The Big Interview’ – there will be at least 12 teams sending their champion.

    The Big Interview

    The team champions come to the stage in turn. They deliver their ‘About you’ statement and then have to give answers to 2 pre-prepared interview questions.

    You decide!

    At the end of the Big Interview, each team votes and selects their top 3 interviewees (team champions) – they can’t vote for their own. The votes are counted by the BBB team.

    The day concludes with a prize giving to the individual winner of The Big Interview and their colleagues in the winning team.