Big Bang Boom Enterprise Workshops

  • Feedback

    We love working in schools and we think that shows...

  • Teachers feedback

    This was a very professional event that created a real buzz. We were very happy with the day.
    Steve Whiteley, Head of Careers and Higher Education, Reeds School.

    It was a fantastic experience for the pupils who thoroughly enjoyed the day.
    Harjit Singh, Assistant Headteacher, Oasis Hadley

    The presenters were fantastic and kept students engaged. I’m so pleased that all of the students got up to take part in the live pitch – this is something I did not think could be achieved. Well done and thank you.
    Lisa Grant, WRL Coordinator, Eltham Green

    To have someone offer to do all the organising, provide all the materials and turn up on the day to deliver the entire programme, all at a reasonable cost, must surely be every teacher’s dream.
    Rosemary Thompson, Head of Careers, Northwood College

    There was a real buzz to the day and all students seemed to be engaged in the activities. Come again!
    Mr A Benjeddi, Innovations Leader, Northfleet School for Girls

  • Student feedback

    I thought it was really fun. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it that much - I learnt a lot.
    Charlotte, Y10, Queen Anne’s School, Reading

    Today’s event was a phenomenal new experience that I thoroughly enjoyed and getting to launch our product in front of an audience was a real privilege.
    Jodie, Year 10, Bromley High School, Kent

    I think it was really good and exciting. I learnt loads of skills and the hard work was worth it.
    Asena Y9, Albany School, London

    Fun and exciting but at the same time educational.
    Marshall, Y9, Bonus Pastor School, Lewisham

    It was great fun and a confidence-building experience. I made new friends and really enjoyed using creative and imaginative skills.
    Megan, Y11

    I very much enjoyed this activity because it made me feel like a real businessman!
    Danny, Y9

    It was fun, interesting and built up my confidence – we should do this more often!
    Suprina, Y11