Big Bang Boom Enterprise Workshops

        • About us

          Big Bang Boom was originally established in 2008 by two executives from one of the south of England’s largest marketing agencies. United by their enthusiasm for business and a shared belief that young people could benefit from presentation training, they set about developing innovative enterprise challenge days to meet these needs.

          With year on year growth the team has been augmented by like-minded experienced business professionals. Big Bang Boom has now worked with over 10,000 students across the UK. Our mission is simple:

          1) To build students’ self-confidence and inspire them to be the enterprising leaders of tomorrow.

          2) To manage and deliver hassle-free enterprise events, relieving the pressure on teachers’ time.

          “Our events are always tailored to fit each school’s individual requirements. Our high rate of re-booking is testament to our professional approach and ability to exceed expectations.”

          Julian Gee,
          Founding Partner

        • Julian Gee